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Skeptical Inquirer Archives

Volume 41.4

July/August 2017

An Investigation of the Missing411 Conspiracy

Kyle Polich

A Good Analysis of Bad UFO Information

Benjamin Radford

Can Anything Save Us from Unintended Consequences?

Stuart Vyse

Did Australia’s Aborigines See Plesiosaurs? Yes–in a Children’s Book

Philip J. Senter

Fire-Breathing Dinosaurs?

Philip J. Senter

JonBenet Murder Mystery Solved? (Not by Psychics)

Joe Nickell

Maria Konnikova Wins CSI’s Balles Prize in Critical Thinking for The Confidence Game

Paul Fidalgo, Communications Director

Murder by Darkness: Does Mammoth Cave’s Specter Harbor a Secret?

Joe Nickell

‘Psychic Detective’ Noreen Renier: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas from a Grieving Family

Gary Posner

The Bigfoot Obsession

Joe Nickell

The Danger of Chromotherapy

Sébastian Point

The Farce Known as ‘FC’

James Randi

The Fires of Creationists, and Rallying for Science

Kendrick Frazier

The March for Science Partisan Protests Put Public Trust in Scientists at Risk

Matt Nisbet

The Monster of Florence: Case Closed?

Massimo Polidoro

The Phoenix Driveway Ghost

Benjamin Radford

Why We Often Get Risks Wrong

Terence Hines

Volume 41.3

May/June 2017

Can Electromagnetic Fields Create Ghosts?

Benjamin Radford

Everything You Know about Being Rh-Negative Is Wrong

D. Ellen K. Tarr

Fake News and Fake Science in the Age of Misinformation

Kendrick Frazier

Helping Teachers Teach Evolution in the United States

Bertha Vazquez

It Just Never Stops ...

James Randi

Los campos electromagnéticos ¿pueden crear fantasmas?

Ben Radford, translated by Alejandro Borgo

Research into Astrology Made Accessible

Ivan W. Kelly

Science and History Get Personal

Michael Booth

Some Queensland Mysteries

Joe Nickell

Statin Denialism

Harriet Hall

Still ‘Amazing’: A Conversation with James Randi, Part 2

Kendrick Frazier

Surviving the Misinformation Age

David J. Helfand

The Mindfulness Movement

Matt Nisbet

The Return of the Fairies

Massimo Polidoro

Understanding Manufactroversies

Glenn Branch

Vaccines, Autism, and the Promotion of Irrelevant Research: A Science-Pseudoscience Analysis

Craig A. Foster and Sarenna M. Ortiz

Your Unlearning Report

Stuart Vyse

Volume 41.2

March/April 2017

CSICon 2016: Las Vegas

God’s Own Medicine

Paul Offit

Let Your Questioning Start with Wikipedia

Susan Gerbic

Miracle Tableau: Knock, Ireland, 1879

Joe Nickell

Mystery of the Paulding Light

Benjamin Radford

Still ‘Amazing’: A Conversation with James Randi

Kendrick Frazier

The Dangerous Delusion about Vaccines and Autism

James Randi

The Delectable Myths of Healthy and Healthier Obesity

Kenneth W. Krause

The John Maddox Prize Nomination for Elizabeth Loftus

Chris French

The Scientist and the Philosopher

James E. Alcock

The Selfish Gene Revisited

Richard Dawkins

The Virtuous Skeptic

Massimo Pigliucci

‘UFO Disclosure’ Fizzles Again in 2016

Robert Sheaffer

What Ghosts Mean

Benjamin Radford

Why Skepticism?

Ronald A. Lindsay

Why We Believe —Long After We Shouldn’t

Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson

Volume 41.1

January/February 2017

Claims of Chi: Besting a Tai Chi Master

Joe Nickell

Cómo superar a un Maestro de Tai Chi

Joe Nickell, translated by Alejandro Borgo

Consensus: Could Two Hundred Scientists Be Wrong?

Stuart Vyse

Creationism in Europe

Stefaan Blancke

Ghost Hunters in the Dark

Benjamin Radford

‘Mirage Men’—Disinformation Agents or Just a Mirage?

Robert Sheaffer

Notable Articles about the Creation of CSICOP and Skeptical Inquirer

Timothy Binga

No Time for Certainty

Alan J. Scott

Project Greenglow: How Horizon Lost the Message in the Medium

John Eades

Public Debate, Scientific Skepticism, and Science Denial

Stephan Lewandowsky, Michael E. Mann, Nicholas J.l. Brown, and Harris L. Friedman

Science vs. Silliness for Parents: Debunking the Myths of Child Psychology

Stephen Hupp, Amanda Stary, and Jeremy Jewell

Skepticism, at Heart, Is Not Partisan

Craig A. Foster

Stem Cell Research: Still Embattled after All These Years

Raymond Barglow and Margret Schaefer

Survey Shows Americans Fear Ghosts, the Government, and Each Other

Carrie Poppy

Ten Practical Tactics to Unravel the Uncanny

Massimo Polidoro

The Story of the Gene

Harriet Hall

The Superbug Crisis: False Beliefs about Antibiotics Are a Global Threat

Matt Nisbet

Volume 40.6

November/December 2016

Activismo escéptico de abajo hacia arriba

Michael Marshall, translated by Alexandro Borgo.

A Glimpse Backward—and Forward—at Skepticism’s Big Tent

Benjamin Radford

Bigfoot and I: Reflections on Forty Years of Skepticism

Eugenie Scott

Cómo me involucré en el mundo escéptico

Susan Gerbic, translated by Alejandro Borgo

Dispelling Demons: Detective Work at The Conjuring House

Joe Nickell

From Tiny Acorns…

Christopher C. French

Houdini and the Cancer of Superstition

Massimo Polidoro

How I Got Hooked on the Skeptical World

Susan Gerbic

Michael Mann and the Climate Wars

Mark Boslough

MUFON Gets into the Bigfoot Business

Robert Sheaffer

My Personal Odyssey in Skepticism

Harriet Hall

‘M’ Is for Mysterious Marks

Benjamin Radford

Nuclear Power and the Psychology of Evaluating Risk

Daniel A. Vogel

Skeptical Activism from the Bottom Up

Michael Marshall

Spreading Skepticism

Wendy M. Grossman

Superstition Masquerading as Science

Rachel Ammirati, Scott O. Lilienfeld, and Dean McKay

The Day the World Changed . . . for Me

Richard Saunders

Winning the Vaccine War

Matt Nisbet

Volume 40.5

September/October 2016

Alternative Medicine Is a Playground for Apologists

Edzard Ernst

Authority and Skepticism

Daniel C. Dennett

Dog Behavior: Beneath the Veneer of ‘Man’s Best Friend’

Kenneth W. Krause

Fate: Inventing Reasons for the Things That Happen

Stuart Vyse

How Can Skepticism Do Better?

Scott O. Lilienfeld

Issues in Science and Skepticism

Kendrick Frazier

Ley Lines: Investigating on Site

Joe Nickell

Our Conspiracy-Generating Brains

Steven Caldwell Brown

Playing to an Empty Room: Ghost Hunting and ‘Singapore Theory’

Benjamin Radford

Promote Reason, Prevent Climate Catastrophes: Let’s Get ’Er Done

Bill Nye

Science and Skepticism

Lawrence M. Krauss

Skepticism Evolves—and So Does the Paranormal

Martin Bridgstock

The Better Angels of Our Nature vs. the Internet

David J. Helfand

The Science Literacy Paradox

Matt Nisbet

Time to Upgrade the Skeptical Operating System. Reboot.

Sharon Hill

‘UFO Disclosure’ Happening Again This Year

Robert Sheaffer

What Science Is and How and Why It Works

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Why I Am Optimistic about the Future of Skepticism

Richard Wiseman

Why Science and Religion are Irreconcilable

James M. Clark

Why Skepticism?

Steven Novella

William Tell: Myth or Reality?

Massimo Polidoro